Racing Computer Systems

Excelsior Motorsports installs custom stand alone computers for racing applications. We use many different computer systems including HallTech and Life Racing. We are using Life Racing computer systems on our own Z06 track car. We use a variety of different computers depending on the application and performance needs of the vehicle.

racing computer systems
life racing systems hud unit
life racing systems ecu pdu unit
life racing systems sensors gearshift system
More Effective EFI Engine Management Systems

Heads Up Displays - A whole range of digital display systems from for road car to full motorsport use with incorporated steering wheel. These displays allow custom layouts, easy page navigation, programmable driver aids, warnings and alarms. They can receive streamed data from ECUs and record to USB sticks if required allowing it to be used as a fully featured central hub for a single connection point.

ECUs - We provide a range of ECUs for road car use to full motorsport chassis controllers. These ECUs are designed to control the most complex of engines up to 25,000rpm. Constant firmware and software updates ensure that your system continues to evolve after purchase.

Power Distribution Units - Power distribution units replace the use of a conventional relay box. These PDUs provide multi channel solid state logic driven processing, which is fully software configurable. Features include fully schematic mapping with validation and debounce settings for all inputs. Compatible with external displays and data loggers.

Sensors - Our sensors are tailored to work within the harshest of environments providing ultimate reliability and information you can depend on.

Gearshift Systems - Custom gearshift systems designed to be installed on a wide range of sequential gearboxes providing fast paddle shift control. This system reduces shift times, prolongs the life of the dog rings and protects the engine from downshift over revs. The gear shift system can be installed as a standalone unit or in conjunction with an existing engine controller.

  • Better Control Of Air / Fuel Ratio Under Load
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Real Time Engine Programming
  • Instant, Hesitation Free Adjustment While Engine Is Running
  • Volumetric Efficiency (VE) / Injection time / Lambda Correction (MAF)