Why Do You Use A Mainline Dyno?

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Different Types Of Dynos Produce Different HP Numbers

There are two types of dynos which calculate power using different methods.

Inertia Dynos - like DynoJet dynos, measure power based on the length of time it takes to "spool up" two heavy steel drums within the dyno. Horsepower numbers are much higher because they are based on distance traveled / acceleration rather than force, at least 17% higher than load bearing dynos in our experience. Cruising air / fuel ratios are generally richer because they are based on wide open throttle conditions.

Load Bearing Dynos - measure power based on the force applied to the rollers when the dyno brake is applied. Loading the engine gives us the ability to hold the engine at various loads for driveability tuning and maximum fuel economy. All Mainline dynos are load bearing dynos.

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Accurate, Dependable, Repeatable Results

The Mainline Dyno is widely described as the "no fudge" or the "unfudgeable" dyno, and is the obvious choice for dyno operators who choose an honest approach to business and do not want to be caught up in the debacle about why the same car can get differing results on the same brand of dyno, why the same car can produce inconsistent results using different dyno "modes" or even why a dyno needs different "modes" for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles.

The Mainline Dyno deserves its outstanding reputation for producing the same results from dyno to dyno, as a scientific approach has been taken that provides the highest degree of accuracy. No need for a special operating mode that reduces the ability of the operator to affect the results. No menu options for the dyno operator to "modify" results. There are definitely no cheat modes and no smoke or mirrors on the Mainline Dyno.

Better Parts Make A Better Dyno

Mainline Dynos are equipped with the best quality retarders available in the world today (Frenelsa). The retarder is the “workhorse” of the dyno, and the quality of the retarder will be a reflection of both the load-holding capacity and ability to provide accurate, reliable testing under load. Dynamometer roller speed is measured using a digital sensor, ensuring exceptionally accurate roller/vehicle speed measurements.

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