Brake System Upgrades

Excelsior Motorsports develops custom Brembo brake packages for each application and it's uses. Excelsior Motorsports prides itself in track domination. Our vehicles routinely log the lowest times at track events. We use a variety of different rotors, pads, calipers and hubs depending on the application and performance needs of the vehicle. In addition to full brake replacements we also offer cooling improvements such brake ducting, upgraded rotors and pads and brake fluid replacement with NEO synthetics.

track brake upgrades
track brake upgrades
Reduce Stopping Distance & Track Fade

Brembo is the only company to win over 150 world championships and exceed the stringent performance and durability demands of the worlds leading automotive manufacturers. Brembo offers a wide range of vehicle specific brake upgrades that are designed for optimum brake balance. Brembo Gran Turismo systems will dramatically improve the performance and styling of your vehicle.

Brembo Gran Turismo Systems

The ultimate combination of optimized braking balance and maximum performance. Brembo's lightweight components improve braking and handling due to the reduction in unsprung weight and rotating mass. Perfect front to rear brake bias, firmer pedal feel, improved modulation and increased fade resistance are just some of the system's benefits. These components are vehicle specific and will seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's OEM master cylinder, ABS and traction control systems.

  • Cross Drilled / Slotted / Vented Rotor Options
  • Direct Replacement Performance Rotors
  • 1 Piece & 2 Piece "Floating" Brake Rotor Systems - Up To 14.0"
  • 4 & 6 Piston Calipers With Sequentially Sized Pistons
  • DOT & TUV Approved Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • Carbon & Ceramic Brake Systems Available