Aerodynamic Upgrades

Excelsior Motorsports develops custom aerodynamic packages for Corvettes, 5th generation Camaros and CTS-Vs. We use several different brands of carbon-fiber splitters, hoods, frame mounted wings and body kits depending on the application and performance needs of the vehicle.

c6 corvette aerodynamics upgrades
corvette aerodynamics upgrades
c7 corvette aerodynamics upgrades
Increase Downforce & Stability At High Speeds

Corvettes are a great starting platform for aerodynamic upgrades. We spend a great deal of time at the race track testing aero packages to improve high speed cornering stability. Corvettes see substantial improvements in handling with our carbon fiber under trays, rocker panels, louvered hoods and fenders which promote scavenging, frame mounted world challenge spoilers and diffusers. Additional weight can be lost by switching to a carbon fiber / fiberglass nose piece.

  • Increased Downforce
  • UV Protected Lightweight Carbon Fiber
  • Frame Mounted World Challenge Spoilers
  • Carbon Fiber Under Trays
  • Carbon Fiber Rocker Panels
  • Carbon Fiber Louvered Hoods
  • Carbon Fiber Louvered Fenders
  • Carbon Fiber Diffusers
  • Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass Nose Pieces