c7 corvette racing
C7 Corvette Racing - 7/1

GM has taken a notice of our dedication to racing Corvettes and our successful performance on the new C7 Z06 project car. The car is still very much a street car but on the track it is behaves like a competition prepped race car.

lsx afe power
AFE Power - 10/15

We're happy to annouce we now stock AFE Power Intakes and Tri-Y headers.

c7 corvette z06 track testing
C7 Z06 Track Testing - 10/15

Kushan's Z06 has been out at the track testing the newest cooling upgrades with very positive results!

c7 corvette performance kits
C7 Performance Kits Underway - 10/15

We've been very busy developing new packages for the new C7 stingray and C7 Z06.

corvette carbon fiber driveshaft
Drive Shaft Shop - 10/15

The Drive Shaft Shop is now supplyng us with carbon fiber driveshafts.

corvette c7 big brake kit
AP Racing Brakes - 9/15

We've recently added AP Racing brakes which are both affordable and work very well. We've been testing them on the new C7 Z06 Corvette with great results. Look at the size difference between those calipers!

RaceTech Motoring Wheels - 8/15

RaceTech Motoring is our newest wheel supplier. Kushan has installed these lightweight wheels on the Excelsior Motorsports C7 Z06 for track testing.

c7 performance upgrades
Kushan's New C7 Z06 - 8/15

Kushan's new Z06 will be the first vehicle for the cooling, suspension and performance upgrades for the new generation of Z06 Corvettes.

willow spring time attack first place
Excelsior Takes First Place, Twice! - 11/14

Cody finished with a best of 1:44.5 and finished first in his class at Button Willow time attack event finals. Amazing driving Cody!

willow spring time attack first place
Excelsior Takes First Place, Twice! - 11/14

Rif took first place in his class at the Willow Springs time attack event finals. Rif broke into the 1:50 range with a stock C7 and minor upgrades. We added the aerodynamics kit to the C7 with some track support. Good job Rif!

new web site
New Web Site - 09/14

Please excuse our dust, we've just completed our brand new web site.

kushans ctsv
New Shop CTS-V - 3/14

Meet the new shop vehicle, a Cadillac CTS-V. Kushan is planning a series of upgrades to this car, including brakes, aerodynamics, suspension to engine work all of which will be available to future CTS-V owners. Stay tuned!

z06 corvette track event z06 corvette weight savings
Z06 Track Times / Tear Down - 8/13

This picture was taken at Streets of Willow where the Z06 ran a best of 1:18:03. Kushan decided the Z06 needed to be faster so he put her on a diet. The car is seeing a pair of new, lightweight dropped spindles, a lightweight rear hatch from Katech, Haltech computer and a cross ram injection system. We will keep you posted on new developments.

z06 corvette camaro track event
Z06 Track Times - 12/11

Kushan hit Chuck Walla Valley raceway in December 2011. The car responded well to our changes. The new aerodynamic upgrades, transmission gearing reduction, suspension tweaks and a few other secrets ran a best of 1:49:70 at Chuckwalla. At Streets, Kushan ran a best of 1:17.9 and at Button Willow Kushan ran a best of 1:50:01.