LSX Performance Parts

Excelsior Motorsports takes the guesswork out of producing big horsepower. Our dyno proven combinations are all your vehicle needs to develop the big power numbers you're looking for. We offer performance parts for all LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LS9, LSA and even the new LT-1 & LT-4 in the C7 Corvettes.

all pro lsx cylinder heads
All Pro Cylinder Heads

If you are looking for the best aluminum cylinder head with the highest flowing numbers, look no further. All Pro Heads work great with larger displacement LSX engines.

lsx ported cylinder heads
Ported Cylinder Heads

These CNC ported LS6 heads, which flow 313 cfm at .600 lift would be great upgrade to your corvette's engine. We have had gains as much as 40-50 rear wheel hp from these heads!

lsx stroker engine
Stroker Engines

Cubic inches create torque and our stroker kits add more power producing volume to your engine. You can add a stroker kit to any of our systems to increase the potential of your engine.

lsx long tube headers
Long Tube Headers

Recent tests of our headers on a C6 Corvette netted us 30 horsepower and 25 lb/ft of torque! The new ZR1 Corvette and LSA equipped CTS-V produce even more, showing a monstrous gain of 55 horsepower and 50 lb/ft of torque!

nitrous oxide systems
Nitrous Oxide Systems

Reliable nitrous systems with pneumatic operated technology. Our nitrous systems use pneumatic solenoids which have a zero failure rate. These solenoids can be manually operated or if activated electronically up to 4 stages. 150psi of C02 line pressure assures fast and reliable solenoid operation.

lsx supercharger systems

Superchargers deliver excellent horsepower and torque in a complete, smog legal kit that fits under the factory hood. Adding a supercharger to any of our performance packages will produce incredible rear wheel gains!

lsx intake manifold
Intake Manifolds

We offer several solutions to improve breathing, including ported manifolds and Fast LSX intake manifolds.

lsx camshaft

Camshafts determine the timing of valve events within the engine. Our camshaft combinations have been dyno tested to ensure they produce great peak and midrange power in your application.

lsx ported throttle body
Ported Throttle Bodies

The air flow potential of the throttle body is an important factor in the engine's ability to breath. Ported throttle bodys eliminate restrictions improving the flow of air into your engine. Additional modifications such as cylinder heads and camshaft will show additional gains from this modification. For larger engines, we offer custom throttle bodies in sizes up to102mm.

corvette dyno tuning

Not All Dynos
Are Created Equal

Mainline Dynamometers Offer The Most Accurate, Repeatable Tuning Results In The Industry!
Mainline Dynos are unsurpassed in their accuracy and represent a major step forward in dynamometer technology. Featuring advancements not offered by any other dyno manufacturer like advanced load control, industry leading data acquisition and innovative data analysis which combine to offer superior tuning for driveability and unbeatable wide open throttle tuning.
Why Our Dyno Is Better