LSX Engine Swap Dyno Tuning

Excelsior Motorsports provides dyno tuning for all LSX engines: LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LS9 and the newer LT-1 / LT-4 from the C7 Corvettes. We support aftermarket computer systems including EFI Live, Accel EFI and Big Stuff 3. If needed, we can also perform speed density tuning especially in forced induction applications.

lsx engine swap dyno tuning
LSX Engine Swaps

The LS1/ LS2 / LS3 / LS7 / LS9 generation of engines represent the best developments of the last decade and offer proven reliability in numerous performance applications.

hot rod lsx engine conversion dyno tuning
LSX Engine Conversion

LS1/ LS2 / LS3 / LS7 / LS9 engines offer several benefits over traditional small block and big block engine swaps; improved economy and reliability, emissions controls, better aftermarket support and improved performance output.

lsx dyno tuning
No Inflated Numbers, Just The Most Accurate Tuning Results

Our objective in the dyno cell is to give the customer the most accurate and repeatable diagnostic and tuning evaluation possible. We spent many months of research looking for the best dynamometer hardware and software being produced. We found the latest software and equipment being made in Australia by Mainline Automotive using the latest Windows based software; DynoLog. Our dyno cell has 60,000 CFM of air flow capacity for proper cooling and fume evacuation for repeatable testing. With both systems in place we are able to get true and accurate data to the customer to establish baseline data. Any changes after that can be recorded and compared to the baseline. Besides our EFI Live Software we can use any after market computer software to tune your car.

Due to our unique software, proven parts combinations and years of experience; our dyno tuning has become quite popular. Please book your dyno tuning session or parts installation in advance.

lsx engine conversion dyno tuning

Not All Dynos
Are Created Equal

Mainline Dynamometers Offer The Most Accurate, Repeatable Tuning Results In The Industry!
Mainline Dynos are unsurpassed in their accuracy and represent a major step forward in dynamometer technology. Featuring advancements not offered by any other dyno manufacturer like advanced load control, industry leading data acquisition and innovative data analysis which combine to offer superior tuning for driveability and unbeatable wide open throttle tuning.
Why Our Dyno Is Better