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Parts & Tuning

Dyno proven performance parts combinations for the C7 / C6 / C5 Corvette are all you need to develop the big power numbers you're looking for.

Performance Parts

We offer a full range of performance parts for any LSX engine. In addition to installation, we can dyno tune your vehicle for maximum power output.


We can create any modification for a variety of racing applications and vehicles.

& Suspension

We use a variety of high end adjustable suspension components from manufacturers like Penske to cut your times at road course / track events.


Carbon fiber aerodynamic kits engineered to provide maximum down force and minimum drag coefficients while matching the curves of each vehicle.

Parts & Tuning

Turn your CTS-V coupe or sedan into a track ready, high-horsepower street machine. Our CTS-V packages fit any performance demand from mild street to all-out track use.

Parts & Tuning

Our dyno-proven performance parts combinations for the Camaro ensure you'll have the tire-shredding power you're looking for when you stand on the go pedal.

Parts & Tuning

Expect big increases in horsepower and torque from your LSX GM truck or SUV with our performance packages.


Roll Cages

Stay safe at the limit with roll cages in styles from 4 point to 14 point. Vehicle specific cages are available for drag racing, street use and SCCA racing events.


Big Brembo brake kits offer a completely reliable track ready setup which resists heat-related fade and provides better stopping power on the track or street.

SS Sedan
Parts & Tuning

Turn your Chevrolet SS sedan into the ultimate sleeper with our performance parts packages and dyno tuning.

G8 / GXP
Parts & Tuning

Pump up your Pontiac! Our performance parts kits and dyno tuning services for the G8 / GXP mean big horsepower with zero driveability issues.

corvette dyno tuning

Dyno Tuning

Excelsior Motorsports provides dyno tuning for all vehicles equipped with LSX engines. We support aftermarket computer systems including EFI Live, Accel EFI and Big Stuff 3. If needed, we can also perform speed density tuning especially in forced induction applications.
Dyno Tuning

Road Racing

Excelsior Motorsports prides itself in track domination. Our vehicles routinely log the lowest times at track events. We use a variety of high end suspension components from manufacturers like Penske to ensure you will leave others in the dust.
Track / Road Racing


We dyno test all of our engine components to make sure what our engine packages deliver the performance that you desire. We want to make sure that you get your money's worth and the performance you are looking for from your vehicle.
Performance Parts

Corvette Dyno Tuning
& Performance Parts

We have the knowledge and the best equipment available to successfully and accurately satisfy your performance needs. We specialize in and are dedicated to quality high performance modifications on all LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LS9, LSA, LT1 & LT4 GM motors. Although Corvettes are our specialty, we confidentially upgrade most all other vehicles that use the LSX GM engine.
pratt miller c6 corvette dyno tuning

Tuning For All LSX Engines

LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LS9, LSA, LT1, LT4
and GM engines with aftermarket computers
EFI Live Software / Accel EFI / Big Stuff 3
Speed Density Tune (2, 3 Bar Applications)
Corvette Dyno Tuning

c7 corvette performance tuning

Whats New At Excelsior Motorsports

We're always developing new performance kits or adding vendors for the vehicles we service. Check out the latest from Excelsior Motorsports here.

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