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Z06 Corvette

Cody's 2013 Corvette Z06 Track Upgrades.

Cody's 2013 Z06 Corvette

Cody came to us after he blew up two engines on the track. The stock Z06 dry sump system on these LS7 engines can develop issues on the track when pushed aggressively. We installed our stage one dry sump upgrade that cures the issue by modifying the existing oil pan and oil tank. We also upgraded the cooling system with a Ron Davis Radiator. Cody is a proficient driver and uses this car at the track often, so it needs to be built to survive the brutal punishment of road racing and aggressive driving. We will be building this car to GT1 status in street trim as Cody wants to drive his Z06 on the street at times. Expect more updates soon!

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